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Advice That Really Metals. A Comprehensive Collection of Wisdöm

Veröffentlicht am 27.01.2018

The world is full of useless and abstract advice. Motörhead lyrics, however, contain truly RELEVANT, APPLICABLE & UNIVERSALLY VALID advice. I have meticulously collected the greatest imperatives from the lyrics of each and every Motörhead studio album.

Stay out of Jail


Don't sweat it, get it back to you


Grab a hold, don't let go


Don't be scared, live to win


Shut the door behind you when you go


Stay mean, stay clean


See the world and shoot it dead / Burn the town and paint it red


You better keep quite still / Get a drink and take your pill


All good clean fun, have another stick of gum


Don't you listen to a single word against rock'n'roll


Hold tight, feel the drivers bite


Come on baby, eat the rich


Don't you rely on passers-by


Don't ask for anything that you can't do yourself


You can't boogie with the boogeyman


Follow me, and don't you move


Go to hell, go to hell, go to hell


Don't look for maturity, don't you even dare!


Shoot straight, home base, get down, win the race


You'd better watch out, you never know / Who's going to be the next to go


Forget you're blood & bone / Stand like you're made of stone


You humans don't be so proud / You humans don't talk too loud


Don't you be scared, don't you be scared


Don't waste your time


Don't talk of things that we cannot see


Eat the gun


Get up on your toes


Listen to your heart


Try or fail, or succeed


Don't lie to me


Crash and burn, crash and burn, drive on


You got to move, momma didn't raise no fools


Never mind, never fail


Sing it loud, sing it out, make the people shout


Stay clean, be true / Do whatever you can do


If you want to live / You better learn the game


Fight, fight, fight / Fight, make it right / Fight, fight


Stand up for your life / Lay down for the knife


Let the voice of reason shine / Let the pious vanish for all times


Read the books, learn to save your life


Breakout, breakout, you must dance


Try to place all things in a certain rhythm


Don't be a heel or an imbecile


Go up on the mountain, speak to gods and men


Rock out, rock out, rock out


You'd better bite your lip / Get a focus, get a grip


Be still, turn your back, you can't survive, and that's a fact


Stay on the right track


Live or die, win or lose, can't be sure, no excuse


Don't believe a word, don't run with the herd


Better be safe than be sorry my son


Keep your powder dry


Watch out for the monsters in the alleys of the night


Get what you want, do what you can


Kiss a bolt of lightning / It'll make you sing


Let them see, let 'em be, teach them how to bleed